25.000 DKK and your name on the Wall of Fame

Are you currently writing your final thesis as a part-time, bachelor- or master student associated with a company in the region of Southern Denmark?

-If yes, then you have the opportunity to become a prize winner of 25.000DKK and an engraved plaque on the “Wall of Fame” located in Forskerpark Alsion – in other words, eternal glory.

The prerequisite for your project submission is that it is supported by the company as well as your academic supervisor.

Project Award criteria:
1. The value the project contributes to the company, the community, the university. E.g. monetary, social, or branding value
2. The innovative aspects of the project like creativity, novelty, or paving new ways
3. To which extend does the project benefit formal or informal networks in the region, nationally or internationally
4. The company’s engagement in the project
5. The academic standards of the project

Application for Project Award 2018 as Word document can be downloaded here: Application form Project Award 2018.
Deadline: To be received not later than May 7th 2018 at 12:00 am to redz@sonderborg.dk